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About Success Simplified

Success Simplified was created to help dental professionals find strategies that bring efficiency, reliability and predictability into prosthodontics workflows. This program was initiated by 3M and a group of experts from the clinical and scientific arena. It addresses the increasing complexity in the dental market with clinical guidelines aiming at simplification and standardization. The objective of Success Simplified is to give clinicians an orientation on indication-specific material selection and tips for their efficient and successful use.

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The Mock-up Opportunity: Facilitating Treatment Plan Acceptance

Does it happen to you that a patient hesitates to accept a treatment plan? See how a mock-up can help…

Common Cementation Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Cementing indirect restorations can be tricky – learn how to identify pitfalls, minimize flaws, streamline your procedure and achieve long…

Clinical Case: Post Reinforced Core Build-up

Featuring new 3M™ RelyX™ Universal Resin Cement and new 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive.

The 15-Minute Challenge: Are You Daring Enough to Schedule a Shorter Crown Seating Appointment?

Dental Labs cite about 31% of impressions received are “bad” or “sub-par.” Let’s consider our main communication instrument with our…

Full-ceramic Restorations – Why Knowing Your Material Matters

A simplified approach for navigating material selection decisions.

Help Me, Help You: The Pursuit of a Strong Dental Practice/Lab Relationship

The dental material impression is the most powerful communication tool that you have with your dental lab. Is it possible…

Could Standardization Make You a Happier Dentist?

Running a successful practice can be stressful. Learn why you should do what you love more often – so you…

Exposing 3 Myths About Zirconia

How do myths form? When a subject or topic is understood to a point…but also misunderstood to a point. Keep…

How can I save money in my dental practice every day?

Searching for promotional deals or cheaper materials is an obvious way to save money in your dental practice. Although it…

To Bond or Not To Bond?

Thinking early about cement use is important because patient-specific factors, choice of restoration material and prep design all affect cement…