May 13, 2020
Prof. Stefan Vandeweghe, DMD, PhD

Webinar: Success Simplified in the indirect restoration workflow

Today, the biggest challenge in the indirect restorative workflow is the complexity of the procedures. It can be tooth preparation, impression taking, tissue retraction, cementation, etc. The fact that we have more materials, products and possibilities than ever before to restore a tooth, also makes decision making complex. And this is crucial, because good decision making is mandatory for the quality of our work and the viability of the practice.

That is why, in a group of 5 expert clinicians, we developed ‘Success Simplified’; recommendations to simplify the indirect procedure in 7 steps. In this 35-minute webinar, prof. dr. Stefan Vandeweghe from Ghent University, Belgium, will take you through these steps, including patient examples in the dental practice.

This webinar will help you:

  • Select the simplest possible way that still ensures reliable results;
  • Be as minimally invasive as possible;
  • Ensure cost-efficiency for the dentist and the patient;
  • Provide repeatable quality enabled by simplification and standardization.

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Visit the 3M Success Simplified webpage to download the Success Simplified booklet and to learn more about simplifying the indirect restoration workflow.

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