Top tips communicating amid COVID-19
July 8, 2020
Dr. Richard Rosenblatt, DDS

Communicating with Confidence Amid COVID-19

How one dentist helped patients and dental team members stay and feel connected. Read Dr. Rosenblatt’s inspiring story and find the tips and tools you need.

As the world resumes its regular rhythms, the dental industry is also returning to work.

When my office, Forest North Dental, closed during COVID-19, I knew I had to hold regular virtual check ins with my team, peers and colleagues.

As it turns out?

Constraints can lead to creativity.

Make your message count

As I prepared for a return to work, I shared my plans with a friend and patient who happens to be a creative professional.

He had an idea.

What if we made a video – much like the instructional safety videos viewed on airplanes?

Dr. Rosenblatt video

The short film we created outlines what patients can expect during appointments. It’s clear, simple, and straightforward.

The response was overwhelming; patients loved it.

Sometimes, dental speak doesn’t translate, but seeing a video really resonated with my patients. They want a heartfelt message from someone they know and trust.

Lead through listening

Owning my own practice means I surround myself with exceptional dental team members. I want to make sure they feel engaged, empowered and safe.

Now that we’ve reopened, we start and end each day with a team meeting. That way, team members can share their experiences and observations, and we can adapt as needed. For example, we’re temporarily extending appointments from 60 to 90 minutes, so hygienists have more time to fold in new cleaning and disinfection steps.

As a dentist and leader, I believe the best question you can ask is: “what do you need from me?”

Want more ideas to help put patients and dental team members at ease?

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