Aesthetic and conservative bonding for small laterals
June 30, 2020
Dr. Marcos Vargas, DDS

Clinical Case:​ Aesthetic and Conservative Bonding for Small Laterals

Dr. Vargas shares his approach to accessible conservative options for a busy dental practice.

About this Case

Patient presented concern of small laterals, desiring to have them augmented for a “better smile”. Patient wanted a conservative option. Advantages and disadvantages of whitening their teeth, crowns, porcelain veneers and conservative build-ups with direct resin composite were discussed. The patient opted for direct resin bonded restorations.​

Closer view of small laterals

Closer view of small laterals.

Etchant placed

Etchant was placed.

Light cured restoration

Restoration was light cured using 3M™ Elipar™ DeepCure-S LED Curing Light.

Final results of restoration

Final results: ​Modern composite resins offer a range of opacities that bring natural looking results for patients who want less invasive dentistry. Results are rewarding for both the patient and the dentist. ​

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