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Cemented Implant Restoration – A Solution to Stick With

You have a lot of options to treat missing teeth – but what about cemented implant restorations? Take a closer…

6 Reasons Not to be Afraid of Composite Warming

Unsure about composite warming? Here’s why you should reconsider – and how you could benefit from heating things up.

Pitfalls of Tooth Prep: Do’s and Don’ts from Lessons Learned

Learn more about what to do – and what to avoid – when it comes to tooth preparation to ensure…

The 15-Minute Challenge: Are You Daring Enough to Schedule a Shorter Crown Seating Appointment?

Dental Labs cite about 31% of impressions received are “bad” or “sub-par.” Let’s consider our main communication instrument with our…

A Scientific View on the Dos and Don’ts of Self-adhesive Cementation

Self-adhesive cements are designed to be easy to use, versatile and simple. But simplicity is often more than meets the…

The Importance of Radiopacity in Dental Adhesives

Radiolucency under an existing restoration can lead to misdiagnosis. Help cut down on unnecessary restorative rework by choosing a radiopaque…

Sealants: Not Just for Kids

Prevention shouldn’t have an age limit – here’s why you should start using sealants on your adult patients.

Full-ceramic Restorations – Why Knowing Your Material Matters

A simplified approach for navigating material selection decisions.

What You Need to Know About Dental Adhesives

Adhesives are critical to the long term success of a restoration and making the right choice isn’t always easy. If…

Masks vs. Respirators: What Dental Professionals Need to Know

This article provides an overview of different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) for dental professionals, including masks and respirators.

A Tall Order: Navigating Restorative Materials and Dental Cement Selection

As restorative materials continue to evolve, cement selection has become like ordering a cup of coffee – the choices can…

Closing the Gaps to a Great Smile

With the rise in patient awareness and concern about black triangles, are you prepared to offer a solution?

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Flowable Composites

We love them because of the ease of placement and the excellent wetting of the tooth with its lower viscosity….

To Bond or Not To Bond?

Thinking early about cement use is important because patient-specific factors, choice of restoration material and prep design all affect cement…

Uncovering the Truth About Dental Sealants

Why you should give sealants your seal of approval – and use them more regularly in your office.

Shrinkage vs. Shrinkage Stress: What Does it Mean for Your Composite?

Do you know the difference between shrinkage and shrinkage stress and why it matters? While the two terms are often…