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Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Do More by Doing Less

Now more than ever, dental professionals want ways to work more efficiently and conservatively. Learn how innovative techniques and materials…

6 Reasons Not to be Afraid of Composite Warming

Unsure about composite warming? Here’s why you should reconsider – and how you could benefit from heating things up.

The Importance of Radiopacity in Dental Adhesives

Radiolucency under an existing restoration can lead to misdiagnosis. Help cut down on unnecessary restorative rework by choosing a radiopaque…

What You Need to Know About Dental Adhesives

Adhesives are critical to the long term success of a restoration and making the right choice isn’t always easy. If…

What’s in Your Composite? Get Filled in on Fillers.

Microfill, hybrid or nanocomposite? Find out how your composite composition – and filler particle size – could be impacting the…

Bulk Fill Time Savings – How Real Are They?

The idea that bulk fill composites save time has been around for years–and now there are the stats to prove…

Single vs. Multi-Use Dental Products in a Post-COVID Dental Setting

Should you reprocess and reuse, or pitch after each patient? Learn what to consider when choosing between single or multi-use…

The Curing Light Checklist Every Dentist Needs

Curious about which steps you should be taking to make sure your curing light is working properly? Here’s everything you…

Closing the Gaps to a Great Smile

With the rise in patient awareness and concern about black triangles, are you prepared to offer a solution?

Top Dental Webinars

3M Oral Care is dedicated to providing you the best educational resources and tools to help you develop your dental…

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Flowable Composites

We love them because of the ease of placement and the excellent wetting of the tooth with its lower viscosity….

Clinical Case: Restoration Replacement

Replacement of a restoration on the upper right central incisor.

Shrinkage vs. Shrinkage Stress: What Does it Mean for Your Composite?

Do you know the difference between shrinkage and shrinkage stress and why it matters? While the two terms are often…

Clinical Case: Direct Composite Veneers

Optimizing the smile after orthodontic treatment.