Dr. Brad Craig,

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About Dr. Brad Craig

Dr. Brad Craig comes to us with over 24 years of dental product development experience with 3M Oral Care. He also interned briefly with Dow Chemical and Sandia National Laboratories prior to joining 3M. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Materials Science & Engineering (1997), and a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska (1993). He is a named inventor on over 50 US patent families with 35+ issued US patents and over 300 issued international patents. He has been an invited speaker at both US and international locations throughout his career, having given over 85 external lectures across 5 different continents. He also has over 50 publications to his credit. Brad has worked on the development of numerous restorative dental materials throughout his time with 3M, ranging from Universal composites such as FiltekTM Supreme Ultra Universal restorative and Filtek™ Universal, to dental adhesives such as Adper TM Single Bond Plus, to resin modified glass ionomer materials such as Ketac TM Nano, and on a new class of bulk filling materials in Filtek™ One. He is currently a senior division scientist, and has worked extensively in nanotechnology, surface chemistries, composites, dental filler technologies, particle processing, hard tissue adhesives, and glass ionomer materials. He is an avid home brewer, meadmaker and fisherman, occasional carpenter and woodworker, happily married, and the father of 2 children.

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