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October 5, 2023
Dr. Lois Duerst, DDS

Clinical Case: Class II flowable composite restoration

Using 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive, 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative, and 3M™ Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light.

About the Case

Minimally invasive dentistry has become almost standard of care today: no longer are we guided by the concept of “extension for prevention”, but rather try to reduce tooth preparation to a minimum, letting only the caries guide us. Sometimes, this results in very small preparations, where access for restoration may be challenging. Using flowable composite materials like 3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative in these cases allows easy access and adaptability to cavity walls, as well as highly esthetic results and polishability.

Initial situation

Radiographically, decay was detected on the distal aspect of the second premolar. A slight opacity can be noted on the distal marginal ridge where the decay is present.


Using a minimally invasive approach, caries was removed from the distal interproximal area. A Bioclear™ Biofit HD Matrix was utilized, and a wedge placed to secure.

Selective enamel etch

A Bioclear™ TwinRing was lastly adapted into place to allow for slight separation and a strong seal.

Acid etched tooth

The tooth was acid etched with phosphoric acid and rinsed.


3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive was applied per manufacturer’s recommendations.


The adhesive was cured for 10 seconds using the 3M™ Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light.

Flowable Restorative

3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative, shade A1, was placed in increments. Using flowable allowed the composite to easily flow into all areas of the preparation, without resulting in voids or bubbles.

Flowable Curing

Each flowable increment was cured for 20 seconds.

Final results

After curing, the composite was finished, and the proximal contact checked. The rubber dam was removed, the occlusion checked, adjusted and the restoration polished.

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